Thursday, October 2, 2014

Democracy for Hong Kong

The Democracy for Hong Kong movement grows larger and stronger by the minute! I am so happy that social media is really stepping up and there is such wide support. The Wear Yellow event I told you about yesterday is happening today and there will be gatherings at a number of places. At 1pm people will gather at Portsmouth Square here in San Francisco for a program that will last just under an hour. Be sure to wear yellow there and wherever you may go today!

Today, be sure to also use the hashtag #wearyellowforhk as often as you can. Here is a very simple way for us ALL to come together in support. As I mentioned, social media has exploded with many people on facebook changing their profile pictures to yellow ribbons. There is a special tumblr page that is showing pictures from today's many events and also explains the issues more clearly. Go to

Very happy to see the mainstream media increasing their coverage too. Democracy for Hong Kong is something everyone should care about! This really is a big deal. Just look at how many days now I have been writing about it! A CNN reporter was covering protests last night when tear gas was thrown by police. The reporter and his cameraman had to run, but they continued their coverage. Time magazine and Mother Jones and all kinds of media are now looking at what is going on in Hong Kong and the thousands of people who each day are filling the streets.  More and more people are getting involved.  There is even a petition to President Barack Obama on the White House website (HERE).

Today is a National holiday there and so we will be watching with special interest the events of the day. Even though you are not in Hong Kong, this is the time to step up and join them with your support.

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