Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your thoughts on Hong Kong

It has been a huge news story, and I've written about it a number of times here, yet I haven't heard a single comment from you. On facebook at twitter there is a lot of chatter and many people have changed their profile pictures to yellow umbrellas. I'm talking about the fight for democracy that's going on in Hong Kong.

China took back control of Hong Kong from Britain back in 1997, and as was expected, there were some changes. Now change is not always a bad thing of course, but the issue here is representation. Should the people of Hong Kong have a voice in their future? Should anyone, for that matter, or should a few dictate how things will be for the rest of us?

Most people - perhaps ALL people who read this, will be supporters of democracy.  The issues are complex though and I really would like to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to add your comments below.

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