Friday, October 31, 2014


Before I plug the Jubilee Project video that they just released, I want to tell you what an important subject I think this is.  Too often we are led by media into thinking that some of us are just not all that good looking and that maybe some cosmetic surgery would be in order.  How comfortable are YOU in your body?  Is there anything YOU would change?  Think about it for a moment.
I love the Jubilee Project because they tackle some really important issues and they help to make us think.  They also urge us to do good things and to make a difference.(Pretty much the same as we do here, huh?  Perhaps that's why I like them).  There have been numerous blog entries here about these guys and their videos - I've been writing about them since their very beginning.  This morning I won't go back and repeat myself, but for those who haven't heard of them before, go to their website at and to view this latest video, click HERE.
Now from time to time I have glanced at the comments under some of their videos on youtube and am a bit shocked to see negative responses.  Already for this new video there are a number of critical messages posted.  I think one important thing to remember is that whether you agree with the message or the end result, it is the spotlight on a subject that we should zoom in on.  The Jubilee Project makes videos that raise awareness.  In the case of this new video, it's about our own beauty and how comfortable we are with our own bodies.  The Jubilee Project set up cameras and then asked one simple question.  Whether you agree with the answers or even with the premise, think about it yourself for just a few minutes.  Was there ever a time when you thought your nose was too big or maybe your breasts too small?  Did you ever regret the color of your eyes or the fullness of your cheeks?
There will always be Negative Nellys out there and while I will continue to push for positive attitudes, I know I won't always be successful.  That I am not alone is a very comforting feeling.  In fact, that the Jubilee Project keeps on going is a wonderful feeling!  Thanks guys for encouraging us and for opening our minds up to think.

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