Monday, October 27, 2014

Whatever happened to Susan Spotless?

More and more I am discovering trash cans blocking sidewalks and litter all over, when I head out on my morning walks.  Before the sun was even up this morning, I ventured down a neighborhood alley that had so much trash on the ground that I turned around and went a different way.  Whatever happened to Susan Spotless?
A Keep America Beautiful campaign back in 1964 featured the character Susan Spotless and for some reason I can still hear her voice.  I actually dug up and old public service announcement featuring Susan Spotless HERE.  Check it out!
Litter is not a new problem.  That's proof.  It wasn't new in 1964 either.  Somehow people keep forgetting though.  We can ALL do something about this one.  Let's keep our neighborhoods, our cities, and our country beautiful so that everyone can enjoy the natural attractiveness of our world!

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