Wednesday, October 1, 2014

wear yellow

The past two days I have been writing here about what is happening in Hong Kong and I remarked how there doesn't seem to be much coverage in the news. This really is too bad. People should know what is going on! Tomorrow tens of thousands of Hong Kongers plan to take to the streets of their city once again to demonstrate against the Chinese government's decision to renege on its promise to allow them to freely elect their Chief Executive on 2017. The whole world need to know about this.

Help spread the word. Search for as much information as you can find. Look at the pictures of all the people in the streets who want democracy. Wear yellow. Huh? That last one sounded weird, right? Here's the idea: We are making October 1st "Wear Yellow for HK" day all around the world. When people see classrooms filled with students wearing yellow and bus stations and airports and shopping malls and restaurants with yellow shirts and yellow dresses and yellow jackets, they will certainly take notice. What's going on? Well take a look at Hong Kong!  Some pretty good coverage and more about Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement, HERE.

This is such an easy thing and we ALL can do it. Tomorrow, wear yellow. Show your support for our sisters and brothers in Hong Kong. Help spread the word, too!

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