Monday, April 1, 2013

National Donate Life Month

Donate life.  Wow!  That sounds pretty big.  It is of course, but it is something every one of us can do (or at least attempt to do).  I'm going to jump way ahead of myself here and direct you to where you can find a lot of information, but with the death of my mother just a week ago, the who idea of donating your body or your organs is very fresh in my mind, and today begins National Donate Life Month.

The need certainly is there with more than 115,000 men, women and children currently awaiting organ transplants here in the United States. You can see specific numbers by visiting

The website I referenced above can give you lots of details about how to do this and it can even help you through the process.  In most states it is as easy as registering as an organ donor with the DMV when you get your driver's license.  Some things can be donated while you are still living of course (blood for example), and that's something else to look at.  The gift of life is so very precious and I really want to shout out information today. 

The idea here is to encourage people across the country to consider donating blood, registering their bone marrow, and making sure that they have signed up for organ donations after their death.  Please feel free to share this too during the weeks ahead.  Think of all the lives you might be saving!

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