Friday, April 12, 2013

Prevent animal cruelty

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  I wish we didn't even have such a thing on our calendar.  I wish cruelty to animals didn't even happen.  Sadly though there is animal cruelty and so there is a need for this annual observance in hopes that it will make a difference.  I have written here about this in the past and there is still a lot to be said - a lot to be done.  We can end animal cruelty though - we really can!

I have a friend who is a very busy animal activist and she is always busy raising awareness for animal rights. This is something we all can do.  Some good pointers are on the ASPCA website at - feel free to share this information widely!

We hear all too often of innocent animals that are harmed, tortured, or neglected at the hands of human beings.  We can do something though.  We can speak up.  We can call animal control or the local police.  We can provide the local media with information.  We can demand better resources for our animal friends.  They cannot defend themselves, expecially not in a private home where they are beaten or neglected, but we can jump in and come to their aid when we know of this abuse.

This month, be especially kind to an animal.  Get involved, even if you have no pets of your own at home.  Together, we can prevent animal cruelty.

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