Friday, April 5, 2013

More than just a youth leader

Jason Galisatus led the gay-straight alliance at his Bay Area high school and began also organizing a youth conference.  Following its success, Jason joined with other teens to create Bay Area Youth Summit (BAYS), originally to combat bullying on campus.  Jason continues to serve as Executive Director of BAYS along with being a member of an several other organizations promoting equality.

Jason is so much more than an activist though.  He is a huge music lover performing in a variety of musicals and plays, coaching classical percussion, and appearing with Stanford Fleet Street Singers and the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Jason is an excellent public speaker.  (That's where he first came to my attention).  He speaks with passion and is strongly dedicated to equality for all. 

This would all be pretty outstanding for anyone, but Jason is just 20 years old!  Imagine what he might accomplish by the time he is my age!  Jason is indeed changing the world.  How wonderful!  Others have noticed too because he is one of the Grand Marshall nominees for the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration.  (You can vote for him too at ). 

Jason is more than just a youth leader.  He is someone who is making a positive difference in our world.  Vote to honor him at Pride, but let's do a little more - let's all follow his example and get involved too!

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