Thursday, April 11, 2013

the gift of music

I have a friend who plays the harp for patients in a hospital.  He is in fact a certified harp therapist. For centuries, the beneficial relationship between music and healing has been well established, but until I met this guy, I never really thought about music soothing the hospital patients.  It is actually quite common.

I know of a choir in the Bay Area that will go and visit sick members of their church to bring them some cheer.  (It's a huge choir and not every member goes to each visit).  Another wonderful use of music!

Performers who give of themselves for the enjoyment of others are givers in every sense of the word, evn if you are paying for the service.

The soothing sounds of music not only can enhance the quality of life, but create the possibility of interactive work, especially when the tune is familiar.  Sining around a bedside can bring great joy, but music can bring joy whenever it is listened to.  Wasn't it the late Dick Clark that referred to music as the soundtrack of our lives?  Indeed.  What a wonderful gift to enjoy!

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