Friday, April 26, 2013

Honoring the first responders

There are men and women out there on the front lines who protect us from fires and earthquakes and crime and all kinds of major events.  These first responders are heroes who often are over looked, except when the worst happens - when they fall in the line of duty.  The recent explosion in West, TX which you have all heard about is one of those times when first responders lost their lives trying to protect others.

"First responders know better than anyone, there's no such thing as a routine emergency," Governor Rick Perry said at yesterday's memorial service for the first responders who lost their lives. "Firefighters and medical technicians who died last week in West certainly knew that, but it didn't slow them down as they raced toward that burning factory."

All too often who forget about these dedicated brave women and men who make such a tremendous difference.  Take a second and think about the terrible tragedies that have happened lately and then think about the professionals who tried to save lives and property.  Some of them were injured themselves in the process and some died.  Let us honor them and be thankful for their work!

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