Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mom made a difference

Today is Teddy Fritts' one month's mind.  I have mentioned my mom here before and likely will again in the future.  I am who I am because of her.  This past month has been the most difficult of my life, and yet Mom did some pretty incredible thing to prevent that from happening.

For several years Mom has said things like "I won't live forever" to help and prepare us for the day when it came.  She calmly talked about having lived a good live and being comfortable when the time might come.

Mom looked into donating her body to science.  This would not only benefit others, but it would reduce cost to virtually nothing.  A simple telephone call was all that it would take at time of death.  Mom didn't want to leave any burdens.

A few years ago she gave me an envelope with a small attached package.  "Don't open this until after I am gone" it said on the envelope.  I followed her instructions and kept it hidden away until last month.  The day after Mom died, I remembered the present and opened it up.  Wrapped in white tissue paper was a book titled "This Too Shall Pass" about dealing with death and other difficult moments in life.  The attached note said I had been the best son a mother could have.  It said she hoped the book would help and then wished me a good life.  "We'll be together again someday" was how she closed.

Tears are streaming down my face right now just telling you about this.  Mom was the best.  I miss her so much.  Mom showed me the way not only throughout her life, but even after her death she keeps on showing me.  Mom made a difference.

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  1. Michael, you are not the only one with tears.... Thanks for sharing this.