Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bearing a lot of good

Who doesn't enjoy a soft cuddly teddy bear?  They warm the hearts of small children and can easily bring a smile to folks of any age.  My mom was a teddy bear collector and at her death last month there were thousands of bears all over her house - not just the furry plush ones, but also music boxes, glass or pewter figurines, bear sheets on the bed and a bear rug on the floor!  Mom was indeed a bear lover.  She was also a member of a wonderful organization called Good Bears of the World.

When my sister and I were talking about Mom's obituary, we decided to suggest donations to that organization for folks who wanted to make a memorial to Mom.  It's a pretty easy thing to do.  You can just head to their website by clicking HERE.  While a donation in memory of "Teddy" Fritts would be lovely, let me tell you first a little more about Good Bears of the World and why I think donating to them is such a good idea.

This is a feel good kind of organization. There mission is simply to put teddies into the arms of those who so desperately need love, reassurance and hope and they do it through the goodness of folks all across the country. It is also very reassuring to me to know that 100% of our tax deductible donations is used to purchase teddy bears for these people. Good Bears of the World was founded back in 1969 in England by journalist and radio pioneer, James Theodore Ownby who ran the group out of his Honolulu, Hawaii radio station, KNDI. Good Bears of the World moved to a new home in Toledo, Ohio in 1991 where they continue to operate from.

Mr. Ownby has long since died. Last month the bear lover in my family, my mother, also doed. The dream they both shared though is quite alive and the joy of teddy bears goes on and on!  So I invite you to give.  Make a difference.  Your gift need not be in my mom's memory.  Give in whatever way you feel comfortable, but know that a gift to Good Bears of the World, is a gift of joy!

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