Wednesday, April 3, 2013

revisiting autism

Back in December I wrote about autism and told you of a great video by The Jubilee Project.  April is National Autism Month, and so I want to revisit the subject.  (As part of that, I'll invite you once again to check out that video.  Just click HERE.  It tells a powerful story of how we each can give in different ways.

When I posted three and a half months ago, I asked "Do you know people who are autistic?   How has autism touched your life?"  I'll ask you to think about that once again.  Let's not just talk about a disease, but let's put a human face on it.

In his proclamation yesterday on World Autism Day, President Barack Obama said "Today, public health officials estimate that 1 in every 88 children in America is growing up on the autism spectrum. It is a reality that affects millions of families every day, from the classroom to the job market. And while our country has made progress in supporting Americans with autism spectrum disorders, we are only beginning to understand the factors behind the challenges they face."  Imagine that.  "We are only beginning."  Pretty incredible, huh?  Our great nation should be able to do more that just begin.  We should be leading the way.  We can beat this.  We can make it happen.

Autism Awareness Month aims to increase people's awareness about people, with autism.  That's why I keep going back to the "how has it touched you" question.  It is so much easier to relate when we are talking about someone that we  know.  Check out the facts too.  You can begin by going to - a very information website. 

Go back to that video I mentioned in the beginning.  A little boy befriends a little autistic girl.  Let that be an inspiration.  That certainly is something we are all capable of!

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