Saturday, April 6, 2013

paying it forward

After years of writing this daily blog, I sometimes forget that folks have not necessarily been reading this regularly and so might not quite know what my purpose here is.  The name really only says part of it.  Yes, this isn't one of those "what I had for breakfast" or "how I spent my vacation" types of blogs, but just exactly why do I write this then?  It's about making a difference - about giving back.  You might want to call it paying it forward.

Every day I write about ways that I might help my neighbors and friends and indeed the whole of our world by doing positive things like donating money or volunteering time or writing letters to demand positive change or any number of things.  Activism 101?  Perhaps.  I like to think of it as more than that.  I give ideas that help me, and hopefully help you, be a more productive member of society.  When I am not writing about these various ways, I am writing about people or organizations that already are making a difference.

Yesterday I wrote about an incredible Bay Area man who is involved in a number of fights for equality and who inspires me every day.  I have written too about some organizations which do fantastic things to spark change and do good.  The links here on this page will take you to some of those organizations.

I cannot possible think of every way we can do good and I certainly am not aware of every single organization that does these remarkable things, so along the way do feel free to send me suggestions.  You are welcome to comment on the daily posts too of course. 

Together we truly can make a difference in this world.  Remember, it's NOT about me - it's about ALL of us!

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